Make Your Talent Your ChequeBook

The talented Kid I have always loved beauty and thought I would grow to be a fashionista or a designer. Either way I discovered that I was a talented in plaiting . I did no plait the grass as many did back then. I just started plaiting hair with less struggle. I remember the glee I had when... Continue Reading →


Little Princess’ Hairstyles- Gallery

The holiday season is here and soon kids will be at home for the April holidays. Maintaining open hair for kids is very difficult and the parent might be forced to shave it. Below are some of the hairstyles that your little princess can rock  before schools open. 1.  Photo: Courtesy 2 @jalicia hairstyles 3.... Continue Reading →

Cornrow Styles For 2017-Photos

Ladies, when it comes to selection of hairstyles, cornrows never disappoint. They are an all time hairstyle for all seasons. Cornrows can be worn by anyone as  long as they are neatly done and the salonist understands your hairline and shape of the head. Just a simple or little twist can make the hairstyle unique... Continue Reading →

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